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What You Should Know About PickPub.

Welcome to PickPub.  PickPub provides automated previews, predictions, and picks for sporting events.  It’s a smarter level of analysis based on advanced metrics and understanding of the sports covered.  For those who have landed here, this is actually the beginning stage of PickPub.  The features are comparable to other sites that offer similar articles, these other sites have a freemium model while PickPub will have a different direction where all content is free.

Unlike other sites, PickPub openly encourages you to read our previews and read others who provide previews and predictions.  Yes, the level of detail is much greater here by design, but readers should get a variety of viewpoints and it would be wrong to discourage such a pursuit of information.

Questions You May Have and Answers

How are all of these lengthy previews generated?

The articles are all written by a person, they are also not all written by a person.  The articles will have greater variety as time passes, but presently, the articles will remain in this current style.

How come the lines featured are not the current lines?

Lines move with each sportsbook and the most advantageous lines can change throughout the course of a week, day or hour.  Given that this project is at its infancy, the lines remain static much like other sites except there’s greater transparency as far as where the lines come from and the lines are the most advantageous for the prediction made at the time they are given.

Does PickPub use models to come up with predicted scores or outcomes?

Yes, each sport and league featured has a specific model to generate a predicted score.   Early season predictions may not be available in every sport because of the lack of the data available.

No predictions are made based on feel.  It is a cold process.

Why does PickPub make three picks for every sporting event?

PickPub does not make three picks for every sporting event.  Soccer/Football is only focused on Win/Loss/Draw and Major League Baseball this past season was only focused on Moneyline picks without a score.  This should change and improvements to models and line collection should make it possible to fit the predicted outcome to present lines.

PickPub makes a score prediction and applies it to the current lines available.  No assessment of confidence in such picks is made presently outside of declaring “No Action” when predictions line up with the most advantageous lines, but this methodology will change.

When will PickPub expand into MMA and Boxing?

Models have not been created for these sports.  Models are still in their infancy for Men’s and Women’s Tennis.

Are you looking for writers for PickPub?

No, completely unnecessary for the way things are done here.  If you like PickPub, link to the articles, follow on social media, and subscribe to the “Bottle Service List”.  Be on the lookout for the PickPub Hair of the Dog Morning Show LIVE and multi-streamed across multiple streaming providers!