The PickPub Network Means More Coverage of Your Teams

PickPub is going well beyond sporting event previews and predictions.

After roughly eight months of continuous operation, PickPub is making a massive addition.  Many fans and sports bettors have come to PickPub for detailed previews, score predictions, and where the best line is for each particular sporting event.  Now, fans can come to PickPub to follow their favorite team’s news, rumors, and opinion pieces.  Starting with Major League Baseball (MLB), PickPub is covering all 30 MLB teams on their own dedicated sites.

We call it the “PickPub Network.”

Here is how it is all going to work.

PickPub collects news, opinions, and articles from all over and summarizes the news for you.  It is all easily consumable and if you want more detail you can absolutely click-through to read the articles in full, but the objective is for you to be able to get your news fast with enough context and less fluff.

There is no searching around for the news, no e-mail subscriptions, and you don’t have to go from website to website to find your news.  All angles in one place, summarized for you in twice daily roundups.  One roundup is released in the morning Eastern Time (New York City) and the other roundup is released to cover anything that happens after the morning roundup is published, which will be in the late afternoon/early evening Eastern Time (New York City).

This is just the start of the coverage for each Major League Baseball team.  More sources will be integrated into each site to provide more local flavor, even some sources you never thought would be cited on any publication.  Sports betting lines for the individual teams will be published so that you can bet on your favorite team and get the best odds.

The objective is to provide fans with the best value for their experience.  More knowledge in less time with more opportunities to engage with their team.

PickPub is in the Hive Blockchain

PickPub is in the Hive Blockchain and is a proud part of several communities within it.  For those unfamiliar with Hive, it is a decentralized ecosystem designed to host apps, promote the adoption of the Hive cryptocurrency (a proof of stake cryptocurrency), improve engagement with content, speed up processing, enable people and organizations to create their own tokens with the Hive Engine, and much more.

Hive promotes free speech, allows content creators to grow in a more natural fashion, and incentivizes interaction.  It brings people with ideas and content together.

You do not need to even be a content creator to be a part of the Hive community, by simply commenting and up-voting content that you like, you can be compensated for your interaction with Hive cryptocurrency and Hive Engine tokens created within the community.

Forget paying to join a message board.  Your interaction and involvement would result you in getting paid.

Not all game preview articles are being syndicated to Hive yet, just highlighted articles at this time.

The PickPub Network is Joining Hive

Fans can consume the news and react to it on Hive and get compensated for their activity.  The comments section now has benefits.

Not only are highlighted PickPub preview articles on Hive, but the PickPub Network of dedicated coverage to individual teams will be on Hive.  The first team unveiled on Hive was the Milwaukee Brewers.  All 30 MLB teams will have coverage on Hive starting at some point this week.

How can I join Hive?

Hive has multiple blogging platforms that are interconnected, it also has multiple uses of its blockchain technology.  You can sign up with Hive right here to become a part of the community and interact with the articles.

It’s a Win-Win for Everyone

  • You get more PickPub created content.
  • You get the predictions and previews you enjoy on PickPub, like always.
  • You have more ways to read the PickPub articles.
  • You can earn cryptocurrency just by commenting and up-voting articles.
  • You still get hooked up with the best lines and deals from sportsbooks for each sporting event.