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About PickPub

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What You Should Know About PickPub.

Welcome to PickPub.  PickPub compares our in-house picks and predictions for sporting events against other providers.  We help users make better informed decisions with betting on sports and comparing picks/predictions up against the current lines is just one part of the entire operation.  PickPub has educational resources for betting on sports as well as a growing casino game catalog with the most advantageous ways to play various table games, live game shows, and slots.  PickPub is here to help you reduce the house edge, get wins, and see the games in a more informed light.


Questions You May Have and Answers


How come the lines featured are not the current lines?

Lines move with each sportsbook and the most advantageous lines can change throughout the course of a week, day or hour.  We update lines every 30 minutes from our sportsbook partners.  Want to work with us?  Contact us and send us your Odds API.

Does PickPub use models to come up with predicted scores or outcomes?

Yes, each sport and league featured has a specific model to generate a predicted score.  No predictions are made based on feel.  It is a cold process.

When will PickPub expand into MMA and Boxing?

Models have not been created for these sports.  Lines for College Football and NFL will be released in August/September, games are first released 4 days in advance of the game.  Soccer/Football/Futbol models will return soon, so keep an eye on that.  We know some of you miss seeing the leagues that are less covered being capped here.  

Of course, College Basketball will return in November and we'll have picks ready to go for the 2024-25 season starting with the 2024 Hall of Fame Series in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Are you looking for writers for PickPub?

No, completely unnecessary for the way things are done here.  If you like PickPub, link to the articles and follow us on social media.