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Sports Betting Odds & Picks

In-House Predictions

Score predictions that leverage advanced analytics and expert insights to provide accurate and reliable game outcomes.

Compare Picks

Featuring picks from other sports prediction services and comparing their predictions against the odds and against the PickPub in-house prediction.

Updated Lines

Odds update every hour and the picks will update as well in the case of any significant movement.

Line Shopping

Compare lines at different sportsbooks to get the best line that fits your call so you can maximize returns.

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Sports Betting Education

Basic Concepts

Learn the very basics of sports betting to get a better understanding of the types of wagers, reading the odds, and much more.

Sports Betting Analytics

Learn about the analytics behind the sports and how they impact your sports wagers.

Models and Strategies

These advanced concepts will help you learn how to create your own models and understand strategies that will help you go beyond the basics to find profitability.

Sportsbook Reviews

It is imperative to have multiple sportsbook accounts so that you can line shop, but it is just as important to play at a reputable sportsbook and take advantage of promotions so that you can get and keep your edge.

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